About Us

Ines Mujica-Sheero & Elio Rojas

"The minds behind UNEDITED XYZ"

Founder Elio felt the urgent need to express his clothing creations ideas, different and uncommon clothing, away from the common fashion trend.

Him and Ines, both with different professional backgrounds, share the passion for fashion and began their journey influencing others who share the same interest.

They consolidated this unique style. Comfortable stylish clothing with stamped messages that connects people wearing an XYZ garment.


"Our inspiration is motivating others to rejoice showing a different look with authenticity and confidence" 

Inés Mujica-Sheero: Honest, self assured, mother, spouse, creative and spiritual. Ex Miss Venezuela contestant. Self taught fashion designer and fashion rider for more than two decades .

Elio Rojas: Creative, cheerful  honest, expressive, confident, and persistent. Fan of simple lines and geometric forms. "My maternal GrandMother has been my inspiration as I grew up wrapped in the magic of her fabrics”.